Why Sally Acorn is hated by the Sonic fanbase


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Why Sally Acorn is hated by the Sonic fanbase

اینم یکی دیگه از مطالب یوشی وی هستش در این مطلب هدف نداره که بگه از سالی بدش میاد یا اینکه ازش متنفره یا ارزوی حذفش را داره .
ولی سالی اکرن بیشترین شخصیت مکروه از بین شخصیت های سونیک میباشد .سالی در بیشتر موقع ها مکروه بوده یا طرفداران ازش بدشان میامد ولی سوال اینه برای چی .
خیلی من نمیگم که از سالی بدم میاد یا سالی را دوست دارم ولی به هر حال این مطلبو گذاشتم .حتما بخونید.

Why Sally Acorn is hated by the Sonic fanbase by YoshiWii1.

NOTE: This is not a hate prose about Sally. I am only figuring out what is gonna on with the hatred for the character.


Lately, I have been seeing NONSTOP hatred for this character on every single Sonic site including here on deviantART and the Sonic Wiki. Your probably asking yourself? Why do you keep seeing Sally hatred if you don't like the Archie Comics? It's because I am seeing hate for Sally on anything and everything Sonic related. Everytime I search in Sonic on anything? I see nothing but hate for Sally! It's kinda of annoying me by seeing this character being exposed so much as it already is. I don't want anything to do with this character or Archie/Satam. I am not saying I hate Sally. Nor I am saying I like Sally. I just don't want anything to do with this character. I am not making this to hate on the character. I am making this to explain what is going on with this issue? Remember what I am about to say is NOT my opinion. I am only saying what other people are saying about Sally. Without further ado? Let's begin...

==Why Sally is hated by the Sonic fanbase==

Most of you Sonic fans if not all of you already know about this character? Like what she is from and what her purpose is in Sonic? I will explain where she is from and why she is in Satam and Archie Comics.

Sally Acorn was a character created by DiC, an American/Canadian cartoon studios. DiC wanted to create another Sonic cartoon after Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog to make Sonic a more darker and serious cartoon. It aired on Saturday mornings from 1993-1995. The show had Sonic and Tails from the games along with brand new original characters like Sally, Antoine, Rotor and Bunnie. As they made a special force called The Freedom Fighters. To stop Eggman/Robotnik from taking over Mobius. This was a hugely driven away from the Sonic games we all know and love. And gave Sonic a completely different storyline. Archie liked this show so much that they wanted to get the rights to pull these originals in the comics for their own take on Sonic using the same canon from Satam. DiC gave them the rights and they made the Archie Comics which is basically DiC's work burrowed by Archie infinitely. Now that I have covered that up I am gonna explain why people hate the character so much.

Hater comment #1: Sally Acorn is not even a Sega character and she is in love with Sonic!
My answer: She is not a Sega character. She was created by DiC like I already said. They she was burrowed infinitely by Archie for their own take on Satam. Sega of America only licensed Satam and Archie. That was it. They didn't actually make or write it.

Hater comment #2: I hate Sally because no one else in the comics gets any spotlight but her!
My answer: I could understand that. She does get a little too much spotlight. Same can be said with Chris from Sonic X and Elise from Sonic 2006.

Hater comment #3: Sally is such a Mary-Sue! She is so damn perfect and all the other Sonic characters look like jokes compared to her!
My answer: That is an example what I don't like the comics. Not because of Sally. It's because all the Satam/Archie originals are "Mary-Sues." They are too overpowered personality wise. It's just unbalanced personalities in the comics.

Hater comment #4: Sally sucks so bad that she is not even in the games!
My answer: See my first answer for that answer. Sega doesn't want to put in any Satam/Archie characters in the games. If they did? They would done it by now. It's mainly because they are not canon to the games. That is why they are not in.

Hater comment #5: Sally is such a bitch! She even smacked Sonic!
My answer: I agree with you that is a pretty messed moment. Amy would never even think about doing that. I will get to that issue in a minute.

Hater comment #6: Sally doesn't really love Sonic! Nor does Sonic really love her!
My answer: This is also another example of poor writing by Archie. I am starting see another reason why Sega doesn't bring Sally and the other Satam/Archie characters in the games?

Hater comment #7: Sally slows Sonic down so much! He is not even fast anymore!
My answer: That is true. Sonic doesn't feel as fast in the comics as we know him from the games.

Hater comment #8: Why does all the guys love Sally so much!?
My answer: Maybe because she is hot? Too hot maybe? Maybe another trait of her "Mary-Sue" character? Too hot and sexy. That is kind of why she cheats on Sonic alot?

Hater comment #9: Sally is a f*cking slut! She is naked for god's sake!
My answer: That might be another reason why she is not in the games? The games would have a Partial Nudity right on them. And it would either make the games rated T for Teen or even M for Mature.

Hater comment #10: Her and Sonic are not even the same motherf*cking species!
My answer: Let me tell you something? A hedgehog mating with a squirrel can't happen in real life. It's physically and scientifically impossible for that to happen. It that were real? Sally would probably die from the hedgehog fetuses piercing her organs causing internal bleeding. My point is it cannot happen. With domestic dogs mating with coyotes/wolfs or domestic cats mating with wild cats that is a different storyline because they are in the same bloodline. Also Horse mating with Donkeys can happen as well. Same with Lions mating with Tigers. They are all in the same bloodline. However, a Hedgehog mating with a squirrel cannot happen. Same with a fox mating with a mongoose. It cannot happen.

Hater comment #11: Why isn't Amy Sonic's girlfriend with Sonic in the comics!?
My answer: Archie wanted Sonic and Sally together. That is all I can say.

Hater comment #12: Sally stole Sonic from Amy!
My answer: I think Archie doesn't give a rat's ass what Amy lovers like myself and Sonamy lovers like myself think and say?

Hater comment #13: Amy really loves Sonic and Sally took him away from her!
My answer: Like I said already. Archie just doesn't care about Amy or Sonamy fans. I will explain more about this near the end.

Hater comment #14: Sally doesn't have any special powers like all the other Sonic characters!
My answer: I think this is because the Archie/Satam characters are just a failed attempt at making Sonic American.

Hater comment #15: I hate motherf*cking hate how they always shove all this Sonally bullsh*t down our throats!
My answer: Archie just doesn't care at all.

Hater comment #16: I payed 5 dollars to read Sonic not Sally f*cking Acorn!
My answer: Like I said. Sally does get a little too much attention. Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are hated upon because they are overly exposed by the media. People get annoyed when characters like this are overly exposed. I could understand someone returning the comics for a refund over this.

Hater comment #17: I have been ripped off by Archie! I WANT SONIC NOT F*CKING SALLY ACORN!
My answer: You know? The title does seem a bit misleading. Maybe it should be called The Adventures of Sally Acorn featuring Sonic characters.

Hater comment #18: Sonic and Sally end up married!? WHAT THE F*CK!?!?
My answer: Archie just doesn't care at all. They just don't care.

Hater comment #19: That Archie Comic cover with Sonic and Sally wedding eachoter while Amy's on her needs crying is the most f*cked thing in the world!!!!!!!!
My answer: I am starting to think that Archie is doing this on purpose just to offend those who love Amy and Sonamy like me? It's a troll move by them. This also upset many other Sonic fans other than Amy and Sonamy fans.

Hater comment #20: I don't want Sonic married! What the f*ck Archie!?
My answer: They just do not care about what you guys think.

==My thoughts==

Honestly. I am starting to understand why Sally is so condemned by the Sonic fanbase. She is like a troll character by the company. She is so perfect in every way. She and Sonic are constantly kissing and have broken up many times. She took Sonic away from Amy who really loves him and devotes her life to his. They are not even the same species. Sally is more exposed than Sonic himself. Etc.

My opinion about Satam and the Archie Comics is they are poorly made in general. Not just because of Sally. It's everything about Archie. Poorly written story, little to no accuracy to the games (it makes me wonder if they even played a Sonic game at all), crudely drawn artwork (its really badly drawn), characters are horribly unbalanced personality wise, etc. I don't recommend the comics to be honest. It's just poorly made in general.

About the Sonamy part. Sonic is better off with Amy. Amy devoted her life to him. She loves him with everything in her! She is willing to put herself in danger for his. She loves him no matter what other people think of him. She is beyond loyal to him. She still loved him even in Werehog, (she was still Sonic to her in her eyes). She cares about his feelings very much. She always believes him in and never gives up on him. I can go on and on why Amy is meant for Sonic. Sega and Sonic Team intended Sonamy. Amy was actually Nicky's aka Sonic's girlfriend in the 1992 manga. And Sonic even confessed he loved her in the Japanese version of episode 52 of Sonic X. Sonamy was canon in the 1992 manga and Sonic X. It has been hinted multiple times that he does like her in the games. He just can't admit. There is a reason why he acts this way to her in the games? Because he secretly likes her! This is also why they don't put Sally in the games. Because a good part profit of the games comes from Sonamy fans. If they make Sonic fall in love with Sally instead of Amy? They would love fans and money. The other day when I was on Miiverse, a user complained that if the Freedom Fighters become part of the games? He will stop buying Sonic games. I actually replied to it and took him not to worry because that will never happen. Archie is not part of Sega's canon. Archie is it's own thing.


For those of you still worrying about Sally? She is not canon whatsoever. Archie is an American produced spin-off universe along with Satam, AoStH and Sonic Underground. Sonic X is not canon either. Anything that is not in the games is not canon. So there you go guys. Sally is not canon and she will never be. You worrying about something that isn't even canon. So it's not worth all this hate. Let Archie do whatever they want? It's their fan fiction of Sonic. Not Sega's official canon. So don't worry about Sally okay? Good bye.


So from what I am understanding? There is a Sonic Bible that Sega of America came up with. This was made when Sonic first came out. Keep in mind that they made this only and not Japan (the ones who created and wrote Sonic.) So this isn't real to Sega. This was all made up by Sega of America. Ricky the Animal friend that you rescue in the Genesis games is renamed Sally Acorn. Keep in mind that Ricky was made by Sega of Japan as a male and is canon to the games. Sega of America renamed Ricky Sally. DiC saw this and decided to create the character Princess Sally Acorn. I know what your thinking? Princess Sally is in the games? No she is not. Ricky is NOT Princess Sally Acorn. Later on, Sega of America changed their Ricky name to the way it was supposed to be in the first place. Meaning that Sally Acorn was not the real name for Ricky. Princess Sally was NOT created by Sega of America either. DiC created her. Princess Sally Acorn is NOT the same character as Sally aka Ricky from the games. I hope I cleared this up to those of you worrying about Ricky being Sally Acorn?

Another thing I need to point out is Pocky (another Animal friend) was renamed "Johnny Lightfoot." This is also NOT the same character from the Fleetway comic, Sonic the Comic. Again just like Ricky. Sega of America altered the name of the character. When it was really Pocky and Ricky the whole time. There is another character that is similar to this as well. Grounder was a red mole-type badnik in Sonic the Hedgehog. This was a multi-cloned enemy in the game. DiC made a different Grounder in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. This is also NOT the same character as the enemy in Sonic the Hedgehog.

The bottom line is Princess Sally Acorn, Johnny Lightfoot and DiC's Grounder are NOT the same characters as Ricky, Pocky and the Grounder Badniks. They may be named the same by Sega of America. But that is not their real names or genders. Ricky is the real thing. Pocky is the real thing. And DiC's Grounder is not the same as the game's Grounder enemies. Princess Sally, Johnny Lightfoot and DiC's Grounder are not canon to the games and will never be because they weren't made by Sega. Sega of America later changed Ricky and Pocky back to the real names of the characters. There was never a Princess Sally or Johnny Lightfoot in the games. Don't count Sonic Spinball or Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. Those games weren't made by Sonic Team and they were American produced. AoSTH, Satam, Sonic the Comic and Archie are NOT canon to the games. They are all spinoffs not made by Sega. Sega only gave them permission to make them. I hope this finally clears everything. If you a Sally fan? I am so sorry but your just have to accept that Princess Sally was never in Sega Sonic and won't ever be. Because she isn't Sega. She is now Archie. I know it sucks but that is the truth.

As for you Sonamy fans reading this? Don't about Princess Sally. Because she will never be in a Sonic game. The ONLY time she might appear is in a collection of spin-offs in Sonic Game compilations like Sonic Mega Collection. Other than that. Sally will never appear in a Sonic game. Same with all the Archie/Satam originals. The End

چهارشنبه 12 تیر 1398 07:31 بعد از ظهر
من فقط ترجمه ی کامنت های مردم رو در مورد سالی ترجمه کردم براتون بچه ها.امیدوارم مفید باشه.اگه بد بود به بزرگیتون ببخشید چون خودم ترجمه کردم:سالی حتی شخصیت سگا نیست و با این حال عاشق سونیکه.
من از سالی متنفرم چون هیچکس مثل اون مورد توجه بیش از حد قرار نگرفته ولی اون...
سالی کامل و عالیه.شخصیت های سونیک در مقایسه با اون جوک هستند.
(جمله ی بی ادبانه در مورد سالی که قابل ترجمه نیست.)اون حتی در بازی ها هم نیست.
سالی هرزه به تمام معناعه.اون حتی به سونیک سیلی زده.
سالی واقعا سونیکو دوست نداره.سونیک هم همینطور.
سالی خیلی سرعت سونیکو پایین اورده.سونیک اصلا سریع نیست دیگه.(البته تو کمیک ها.)
چرا همه ی مردای سونیک سالی رو خیلی دوست دارند؟
سالی زن هرزه,شلخته,شهوت پرست گندی هست.تورو به خدا اون لخته!(ببخشید خیلی بی ادبانه است.)
اون و سونیک حتی از یک نوع نیستند.(سالی سنجابه و سونیک خارپشت.)
چرا امی در کمیک ها دوست دختر سونیک نیست؟(به خاطر سالی.)
سالی سونیکو از امی دزدیده.
امی واقعا عاشق سونیکه و سالی اونو ازش گرفته.
سالی هیچ قدرت خاصی نداره.ولی شخصیت های دیگر سونیک دارند.
من متنفرم ازینکه همیشه سونالی تو کمیک ها هست.من سونالی رو نمی خوام.این سونالی گندزده باعث از کارافتادگی گلویمان شده.(ما رو به مرز کشونده یه همین جورچیزایی.ببینید من اینطوری ازین جمله برداشت کردم.چون یه جمله ی اصطلاحی هست, غیر قابل ترجمه است.اما من تلاشمو کردم و منظرشون رو رسوندم.)
من پنج دلار دادم که کمیک سونیکو بخونم نه سالی ایکورن لعنتی.
من واسه کمیک های ارچی که بی منطق گرون اند خرج کرده ام.من سونیکو می خوام نه سالی ایکورن(فندق معنی فامیلیشه.)لعنتی.
سونیک وسالی ازدواج کردن رو تموم کردن؟چه چیز مزخرفی!
جلد کمیک ارچی ازدواج سونیک و سالی با یکدیگره هنگامیکه امی به خاطر نیاز هاش داره گریه می کنه چرت ترین چیز دنیاست.
من نمی خوام سونیک ازدواج کنه.چه گندی به بار اوردی ارچی!

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اتفاقا من سالی رو دوست دارم
مهربونه و قوی
و با امی هم خیلی خوبه!!!ولی از سونالی متنفرم!!!!!
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